Society can be defined as the total number of people living together in a more or less ordered community. A society can also be a group of individuals involved in consistent social interaction.

Morality is the principles that determines the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.  Morality is the parameters we use to measure the line between right and wrong.

For any society to thrive and prosper, there has to be certain laws, codes of conduct and morals that govern and direct how people interact with each other and go about their daily lives.

Any effort to adulterate these codes is simply an attempt to throw the society into a state of lawlessness where every man becomes a law unto himself and where he feels what he thinks is right and everyone else is wrong.

Over the years, the American society in attempt to create a totally free country for a people and races, has seen a gradual decline in morals and standards that has grown from worse to unbelievable over time. This decline in morals can be found in multiculturalism, sexual revolution, identity crises and racism.

It is absurd to teach our children that there is no difference between a man and a woman when we can see obvious differences. How do you tell a child of four years old that a woman can become man and a man can become a woman if they want to? That is not only confusing the child, it is also passing a wrong information down to the new generation.

The societal degeneration is the sole responsibility of the Left, and their radical social justice warriors. The abnormal has gradual become the norm and if you try to question it, you become the odd one out. This is the America we live in today. But how did we get to this level of insanity? Was the left always like this?

The cultural difference in the United States has been as a result of large and uncontrolled immigration. The borders have been opened to criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers and all sorts of people from countries of different cultures and practices, some of which are yet to accept Western civilisation. These people come in here and do according to their cultures and practices in their home countries, refusing to abide by our own cultures. Gradually, they fill in companies, and the work place becomes diluted with diverse practices, then it shifts to the religious world, and then the media and the Academia, and before you know it, the whole country is infiltrated with the cankerworms threatening to destroy the American civilisation.

Islam has for decades been associated with terrorism, and whether you like it or not, this is not being Islamophobic like some will call it, it is true that all terrorist groups associate one way or the other to Islam, but instead of closing our doors to such people and protect our country from another 9/11, the left has chosen to keep the Government locked down until the President agrees to allow unlawful immigrants from these suspicious countries troop in to our beloved Nation. Why are they not seeking refuge in their fellow Islamic countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates? But instead, they want to infiltrate our culture and impose their practices on us and when we refuse, they left cry for safe spaces and all other Nonsense.

It is time for the American People to rise and fight for the protection of our values and morals before they get lost in the multiple culture and values pf the illegal aliens coming here in large numbers.

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