THE ABORTION DEBATE: Making a Case for Life

Abortion has been a very controversial topic in the United States. The left advocates for the right of the woman to make her choice to remove her unborn baby or keep it, while the right advocates for life, stating that the baby in the womb no matter what form has right to life.

America is a free country no doubt, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do with their lives, but not to the extent of taking another person’s life. If a murderer is punished for murder, then why is Planned Parenthood still funded? A lot of people may discredit my knowledge on this very topic, but this should be an argument from a moral perspective rather than an expert view. No matter what stand point you take, abortion will still be wrong because the Doctors performing the procedures recognise the fact that this is a human being they are cutting off.

Liberals always try to make the argument about the state of the mother, some creating hypothetical situations with the worst possible scenarios like, what if the woman was raped? What if the woman is suicidal? Or what if the baby is unwanted? This is a human being we are talking about, why is no body considering the life of this baby? Why is no body considering the morals of having to cut off the throat of an innocent, helpless baby lying peacefully in the womb? What was the lady thinking before she opened her legs to whoever put it there? And if its rape, why is the left releasing rapists from jail? Why not castrate them or kill them as a capital punishment? Oh wait, that will be inhuman; but killing an innocent baby isn’t.

One can never stop wondering how the left think, why will it be okay to kill a baby, but not alright to sentence a rapist to death for destroying the life of the woman who got rapped? A lady once asked Dinesh D’souza why he argued against planned parenthood and advocates for  a stop in government funding for them, to which he replied “Abortion is not a right, and is not included in the bill of rights, and even if it is, why does the government have to fund this particular one when they don’t do same for others?” An epic reply from Dinesh, but will she stop believing that she has a right to abortion? the answer, of course, is a resounding No.

The argument for abortion will remain as far as Roe v. Wade remains in place, thank God for President Trump who has given us two Justices to the Supreme court who values life and can get this nonsense repealed and removed from the constitution. But until then, we need to make a case against abortion from the common sense perspective, and let this crazy leftists know that life is life, no matter what form it carries, so enough with the hypocrisy.

Abortion is murder, the killing of an innocent human being is wrong even if that human is yet to be born. Since life begins at conception, unborn babies are humans with right to life. If women become pregnant, they should accept responsibility that comes with it, because Abortion promotes the idea that human’s life is disposable and that is very wrong.

Abortion should not be allowed as a form of contraception, even selective abortion based on genetic abnormalities should be considered discrimination. Abortion causes psychological damage whether you agree or not, there are millions of people looking for adoption, why not give the baby a chance to life and let those people take it up from there? The Founding fathers of the United States are not stupid when they recognised that everyone have a right to life, that is the most important bill of rights, but abortion contradicts that.

According to statistical data, over 60 million legal abortions have taken place in the United States since the inception of Roe v. Wade, that is an average of about 1.4 million people killed per year legally. No body should have the right to chose whose life has value and whose doesn’t. If the Left is allowed to continue this mess, the future of our great Country could be in jeopardy.

Stop Planned Parenthood, stop the killings of unborn babies, say yes to life, and let us Make America Great Again!


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