RACISM IN THE UNITED STATES: The Covington Boys Harassment by the Left

Diversity in the United States has grown more than race and now includes gender, sexual preferences and lots more. There was a time when Religion in the United States used to exclude Islam, but now there is a muslim woman voted into the Congress. That shows you how much we have grown over the years. But to say that there are no more discriminations of any sort will be naive at best. These discriminations include harassment of US citizens racially, sexual discrimination as well as false defamation of character.

In the Past we have heard of Racism against people of colour, where we have the Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation in the southern United States. These racial discrimination against people of colour did exist no doubt, but that was in the past; and there are evidence to suggests that these crimes were perpetrated by Democrats. But fast forward a little to 2019, and we have Democrats exhibiting racial discrimination against white people. An Example of these, is CNN’s Don Lemon saying, while on live TV, that “The biggest terrorism threats in the United States is WHITE MEN.” And there are many other segments like that with lots of discriminations against White People.

Racism is Racism no matter who is abusing the other, you cannot claim that a person of colour cannot be racist. There have been movements like “Black Lives Matter”, popularly called BLM and others that voiced serious violent and angry slurs at white people. But all of these are being ignored by the main stream media because it is against a white man. How about discrimination against Straight males? There are claims that if you are straight, white male, you are overly privilege and shouldn’t have the right to speak freely about anything. They called it White privilege, and most white men have been victims of this, example is our President, Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator; Brett Kavanaugh, the recently confirmed Justice of the Supreme Court.

The left continue to push all of these while ignoring the serious racism against Asians in the left leaning Harvard University, where Asians must have higher TSA scores in order to stand a chance of getting admission into the prestigious college. All these may be considered mild cases and mostly underground, and not given much coverage, or not so much facts to back these claims. But how about the Covington Catholic High school boys that were abused and harassed by a Native American veteran, all because they were wearing MAGA hats?

Big media corporations gave huge coverage to a fake incident that never happened, and no body cared to know the truth before venting anger and releasing curses on these innocent boys. There were reports today that the school had to cancel classes and their forthcoming basket ball match all because of death threats and bomb threats directed towards these boys. What was their crime again? They were putting on MAGA hats and of course their skin colour is White. A lady named, Alyssa Milano tweeted that MAGA hat is the new white hood, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood.
Without white boys being able to empathise with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself” she said. The controversial tweet drew so much criticism on social media but no body apologised to these boys for wrongfully accusing them when the actual video was posted and shed light on what really happened.

The left preach diversity but cannot stand someone with a different opinion to theirs, they fight so hard to silence conservatives and make sure that their campuses are free of different political or cultural ideas. They coin terms such as safe space, Microaggression and lots more just to prevent free speech. How is it not a discriminatory act when you call someone names just because they align themselves with different political party and ideas? how is it not discriminatory to say White People deserve to die just because of their skin colour? how is it not discriminatory to say white people are terror threats? what and how exactly do they terrorise you and your existence? How does putting on a MAGA hat affect your freedom? Is it not insanity to just launch attacks on people for just supporting something of which you are against?

Racial discrimination exists currently in the United States, but it is not against people of colour, but against Whites. The Left has launched and Anti-white campaign in the United States, and they claim to fight White Supremacy that does not exist. If you have evidence of white dominance or racial abuse, why not report such to the authorities? Rather, the left’s view is that everyone white is racist and should not be allowed to live peacefully. It is time to rise against the brutality of the left and claim the country back from these radicals.

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