Month: January 2019

Gender Equality and the rise of Feminism

The International Women’s day was declared by the International socialist movement, which set aside March 8th to be used as a day to advocate for women’s right. This day has been celebrated worldwide since 1917, and so has been Feminism over the years. Feminism has been in existence since the mid-19th century and has increased with more severe hatred directed towards man, the presumed enemy of the female world. The Feminism movement which started withContinue reading


Society can be defined as the total number of people living together in a more or less ordered community. A society can also be a group of individuals involved in consistent social interaction. Morality is the principles that determines the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.  Morality is the parameters we use to measure the line between right and wrong. For any society to thrive and prosper, there has to beContinue reading

RACISM IN THE UNITED STATES: The Covington Boys Harassment by the Left

Diversity in the United States has grown more than race and now includes gender, sexual preferences and lots more. There was a time when Religion in the United States used to exclude Islam, but now there is a muslim woman voted into the Congress. That shows you how much we have grown over the years. But to say that there are no more discriminations of any sort will be naive at best. These discriminations includeContinue reading

TRANSGENDERISM: The Science of Preference and Identity

Science has made so many intelligent discoveries over the years, most of which has made life very comfortable. Humans can barely survive without science and the good it has done for our society. Going by our knowledge from school days, we have come to an understanding that science can be Physics, Chemistry or Biology. These branches of Science have proven and established indisputable facts over the years, and these facts, some of which have formedContinue reading

THE ABORTION DEBATE: Making a Case for Life

Abortion has been a very controversial topic in the United States. The left advocates for the right of the woman to make her choice to remove her unborn baby or keep it, while the right advocates for life, stating that the baby in the womb no matter what form has right to life. America is a free country no doubt, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do with their lives, butContinue reading